Who Is Infinite Compliance Solutions?

Infinite Compliance Solutions empowers businesses to build compliance and ethics programs by transforming vexing legal obligations into workable compliance solutions.  With an uncompromising dedication to integrity, Infinite Compliance Solutions leverages its unique corporate compliance and analytical skills to take the worry out of complying with external rules while maintaining a profitable business enterprise.   Infinite Compliance Solutions designs, trains, implements, enforces and monitors compliance and ethics programs to prevent, detect and remedy business concerns.

How do we build an effective compliance and ethics program that meets your business concerns?  

In short we:
  • Conduct an initial confidential consultation
  • Discuss how compliance can further business goals and objectives
  • Identify contractual and regulatory obligations
  • Collaborate with relevant business owners
  • Conduct risk assessment
  • Identify risk appetite and risk vulnerabilities
  • Draft risk mitigation plan
  • Present results to relevant stakeholders
  • Work with stakeholders to implement corrective actions or risk mitigation elements
  • Draft policies, procedures, internal processes and best practices
  • Train staff on new compliance program, including best practices
  • Oversee initial implementation of compliance program
  • Monitor compliance program effectiveness through quantitative analysis and modeling
  • Modify compliance program as necessary
  • Contracts Management and Administration

Why choose Infinite Compliance Solutions?

We represent the following:
  • Regulatory, contractual and corporate compliance experience for over 15 years in a variety of industries.
  • Complex contracts management and negotiation (including federal service agreements (FAR/DFARS )).
  • Years of experience writing policies, procedures, reports/filings, licenses.
  • Conducting internal investigations, corporate training and implementing Enterprise Risk Management programs.
  • Federal government experience
  • Ten years advising corporate and small business clients.
  • Extensive experience practicing international trade (ITAR, EAR, OFAC, Anti-Dumping/Countervailing Duty, FCPA).
  • Cybersecurity gap analysis, risk assessment, incident response and implementation (NIST, ISO Standards).
  • Licensed Attorney
  • Leadership Academy Fellow
  • Public Speaker
  • United States Licensed Customs Broker